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My JOSH DEVINE Experience :) - Chicago, 06.02.12

Haha I had to make a full post about this.

Basically, my mom had JUST dropped me, Jenny, Jessie, and Sarah off at the arena by the tour buses and a huge group of fans a couple hours before the show. Literally as we’re walking up, everyone starts screaming and a police woman is pushing us back because a car is coming. I look in the car and THERE’S JOSH, SANDY, DAN, AND JON being driven through the group of people. Since we JUST walked up, SOMEHOW we ended up RIGHT at the front of everyone. I had the sign in the picture above, so I was freaking out because Josh HAD to see it. He was waving at everyone, giving people thumbs ups. But when he saw me and my sign, he laughing and pointed it out to everyone in the car. He started smiling HUGELY and gave me two thumbs up, and according to my friends he was blushing. So basically he saw my sign and loved it :) He is literally SO GORGEOUS IN PERSON, like even more beautiful than in pictures. (I can’t imagine what One Direction looks like up close if HE’S that good looking). After that happened, I definitely started screaming and I may or may not have jumped on a girl (SO SORRY!) and a little girl MIGHT have tripped over my flailing limbs but it is OKAY because Josh Devine saw my sign and knows who I am. :D

This is probably ABOUT when he saw the sign :D

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